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Our tags are silent, deeply engraved, flexible, and completely customizable!

PLEASE READ: Honesty is the best policy. This is a silicone pet tag. It is not a metal dog tag. It will never be as strong as metal; it also won't be as loud as metal or have the engraving rub off as metal tags do. If your dog is a chewer and can reach the tag, it may get damaged/ruined. If your dog has doggie friends or siblings that are chewers and like to gnaw on tags/collars, the tag may be damaged/ruined. If your dog gets hung up on something and pulls hard, the tag may be damaged/ruined. This is true for every silicone dog tag on the market whether the sellers disclose this or not. We think our silicone dog tags are great but they may not be the right choice for every pet. Please weigh your options carefully, as we cannot be responsible for damages that occur to tags after they have been on your dog. That being said, if there's ever an issue, please, reach out!

Available in two fonts and multiple colors. Please indicate color of tag and font. Available to be double sided with up to 3 lines on the back. Permanent silicone fill in white or black available.

Silicone pet tag

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