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Tethered navy flag. 19.5x11.25x.6 in size. American Navy Epoxy Resin Flag Wall Art piece. These signs are individually crafted in-house. The American Navy Flag is carved from hardwood and features the details and colors of the American Flag with epoxy resin. The lighting and reflections captured from the inlay make this decorative piece truly stunning. The US Navy Flag sign comes with sawtooth picture hanger mounted to the back for wall display or the sign can be placed in a bookshelf or on a table. The epoxy resin finish is unique with each individual flag and no two of our Epoxy Resin wall flags are the same.

The texture, exact colors and swirl patterns will vary from unit to unit as each piece is individually made. These are nice housewarming gifts and great for all proud Americans.

Resin Navy flag

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